Chris John

Drummer, Vocalist, Vocal Arranger

Chris (John) Mingoia has been singing and playing the drums since his childhood in the 1970s. Growing up in a large family of “Beatles” fanatics, along with many talented musicians led by his father and guitarists, Charles(Martone) Mingoia, Chris developed an ear for vocal harmony which was evident during his early years. When Chris started to play the drums at age 10, he discovered his ability to sing and play the drums simultaneously, came naturally. He started playing shows with his father a couple of years later, then went on to play in a working band with 2 of his brothers, playing various venues on Long Island and NY Tri-State throughout the 1980s.

Since then, Chris has continued his musical career as a Drummer/Vocalists/Vocal Harmony Arranger, with various musical projects. Some of these projects were with well-known celebrities. In 2016, Chris was asked to play the drums, sing, and arrange the vocals for “Happy Days Live’ with Henry Winkler, Donny Most & Anson Williams, at the Wisconsin State Fair in 2016.  Chris has also been involved with a couple of well-known tribute acts including “Copperline”- Tribute To James Taylor, and now, “Four Way Street”- Tribute To The Music of CSNY.

Paul Michaels

Vocalist and Guitarist

Paul Michaels discovered his love for music performance when his mom brought home a $17 guitar from Sears when he was 8 years old. He started singing and playing popular music from the 70’s and 80’s and quickly started performing live as a duet with his brother Jay at the age of 11. Since then, he has had a life-long relationship with music, eventually studying guitar at Berklee College of Music. He studied voice while earning his engineering degree at the University of Buffalo. Over the years, he has performed solo, and in various groups with styles from Folk, Jazz Fusion to popular music. He has always been a lead vocalist and guitarist in most all his musical endeavors. 

During his career, he has written original music resulting in two musical compilations both in the popular music genre.  The first compilation was released in 1996 (Take It) and the second is being released later in 2024 (Lost).  He currently is a vocalist and guitarist for Four Way Street, the premier CSNY tribute band in the northeast. He is the lead vocalist in the newly formed Cold Play band, Sparks, currently performing throughout Long Island.

Rich Coyle


Rich began his musical journey at the tender age of 5, when he received his first “Realistic” turntable stereo system as a Christmas gift from his parents, who also possessed a wide variety of legendary classic rock albums, which he listened to on a regular basis.

He then turned his focus to the piano, and fortunately for Rich, there was a beautiful upright Yamaha piano available to him in his own living room, where he started to figure out various melodies. This was enough for his Mom to arrange weekly piano lessons which would last throughout his childhood and teenage years as he continued to play along with records and refining his piano skills.

Rich joined his first band in his 20s playing shows, and he eventually found himself engaged with some of the most sought after tribute acts, covering legendary music artist such as Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, and currently Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young with Four Way Street.

Tom Killourhy

Vocalist and Guitarist

Tom Killourhy, guitarist and singer of Four Way Street, grew up in Smithtown, New York. At the age of twelve, Tom saw the movie “School of Rock” in theaters and knew from that moment he would pursue a career in music. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in music from the Crane School of Music, where he met his wife, Jean. He then continued his studies at Mannes, a prestigious conservatory in Manhattan, where he earned a master’s degree as an operatic tenor. Presently, Tom earns a living as a full-time musician, performing in a number of rock ‘n roll bands and classical ensembles in venues such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, The Beacon Theater, Stephen’s Talkhouse, My Father’s Place, and many more . Tom has a full studio of voice and guitar students in Patchogue, New York, and is pursuing a doctorate in music from Stony Brook University.

Rob Hintz


Rob's musical journey ignited during his high school days after stumbling upon a 1967 Fender Mustang bass hidden in the back of the band room closet. Since then, he's been fortunate to grace the stage with acclaimed tribute acts such as Captain Jack, Copperline, and Powderfinger before finding his groove with Four Way Street. 

In Four Way Street, Rob enjoys the bond shared amongst his bandmates. Each member brings a unique instrument and sound to the mix, creating a harmonious blend that pays tribute to timeless music of CSNY. It's more than just playing music—it's about the deep connection forged through their shared passion for creating something truly special together.